November 2016

This provides a summary of the current status of the NP. Starting with an overview and key points of the Plan which can then be accessed using the links at the end of the summary. 

The South Downs National Park Authority’s (SDNPA) draft policy (April 2015) allocated East Meon a very small share (minimum of 15-17 houses) of East Hampshire’s local plan housing allocation, which requires some 10,060 new homes to be built in the same period.  Zero development in East Meon has never been an option.


Since 2014, East Meon residents have had the opportunity to have their say on our landscape and green spaces, where homes should be built or not, and other issues affecting development in the village. Although a NP has many components, perhaps not surprisingly housing, landscape and traffic have been the topics most frequently raised by residents. Residents have been asked where their preferred new sites for housing types and its density should be.  Residents’ meetings have fully supported the need for a NP and expressed that they would like to see small pockets of development and support for building small homes for couples, young families and the older. Of the 20 initial sites suggested by residents, owners of 6 sites have advised them as unavailable, 9 were subsequently assessed as unsuitable (the criteria were published in the draft plan). This left 5 sites which have been included in the neighbourhood plan together with policies that reflect the development constraints which residents wished for. The importance of the NP has been to mitigate both the impact and housing density of these sites which could have come forward as viable planning applications.

All residents’ comments have been taken very seriously by the Steering Group. All comments can be viewed on the website (see the link below “Response to Consultation”) along with the detail on how the comments have been addressed. While East Meon cannot address all aspects of housing construction and related infrastructure within our Neighbourhood Plan, we have introduced policies to ensure that valid concerns raised by residents are addressed by the relevant statutory authorities at the detailed planning stages.

The period for parish consultation has now passed and no further comments or responses can be made at this stage, prior to the NP being submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for their compliance checks and their further six week consultation. You will find a lot of information on this web site:

You can also access three primary documents using the links at the end of this summary.

  • Built Development (Neighbourhood Development Plan),
  • Pattern Book (directing design & layout of new houses),
  • Responses to the parish consultations and any changes resulting from Statutory Bodies, Residents, & Developers.


  • The Neighbourhood Plan should protect the character of East Meon and the surrounding countryside from unwelcome development.
  • allow residents to have a very real influence on how the places where we live and work will develop over time.
  • Determine type and location of future residential development.
  • Develop policies that give priority for more affordable/social housing to local families.
  • Include policies related to building design standards.
  • Identify and protect important landscapes and local green spaces.

Your feedback has said:

  • No, to large scale developments
  • Small dwellings of 2 to 3 bedrooms, suitable for young families and down-sizers
  • Sympathetic and high quality design.
  • Protect green spaces and valued landscape/gateway views both from within, and into the village.

What the Plan does:

  • The plan puts a limit on the limit and scale of development sites in and around the village.
  • The size of dwellings is limited by policy to better to meet the requirements of young families and an ageing population over the coming years.
  • The plan has clear policies to ensure that developers give due weight to the serious sewerage, drainage and surface water management issues currently faced by the village.
  • Design policies (Pattern Book) are clearly spelt out so that they can ensure that future development is consistent with the best parts of what we already have in the Parish.
  • Valued views in and out of the village have been identified and listed in the plan so that they are protected from any further development.
  • Protection of Local Green Spaces – if these are approved, they have almost the same status as green belt land and therefore will be protected for the foreseeable future.
  • For sites that would have likely come up for development without the NP, the plan has attempted to secure:
  • Adequate provision for replacement parking and/or storage for residents of Hillview whose garages are impacted by development.
  • Protection for any further development south of Coombe Rd by provision of a covenanted, ‘no-build’ strip of land.
  • Mitigation of landscape impact of sites beyond that expected by SDNPA.
  • A footpath along Coombe Road to enable safer access from Duncombe Road.
  • Encourages developers of the allocated sites to make provision for open market housing to be made available for sale to local residents for a period of 3 months prior to release onto the open market

It also sets out how we expect developers to design new houses:

  • It provides a comprehensive set of policies that potential developers must comply with. It establishes the Pattern Book, defines house materials and that new house sizes must be similar to neighbouring properties;
  • It establishes the future layout of the village to avoid the development of large estates;
  • It imposes restrictions on surface water and sewerage issues.
  • Encouragement for new developments and improvements to existing properties to be planned in a way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and utilises energy efficiency measures, including the use of renewable, decentralised and/or low carbon energy generation technology.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan provides the confidence that East Meon will retain its status as the Iconic South Downs Village and continue to foster its unique inclusive nature.

Without the plan, others will decide for us, with planning laws that favour ‘presumption of development’ putting developers first and our parish second.  Either we decide, or developers will decide for us.

Anticipated Timeline

WINTER 2016/17 (dates to be advised by SDNP)

  • SDNPA further 6-week public consultation on NP Submission Draft.
  • NP update of any required changes.
  • SDNPA forwards the NP and any comments received during the consultation to the Independent External Examiner.
  • The independent Examiner will assess the plan and comments received during the consultation and prepare a report which sets out any necessary changes.
  • SDNPA issues decision statement as agreed with the qualifying body which sets out how any changes proposed by the examiner will be made. The Decision Statement will state that the amended plan can go forward to referendum.


  • Parish Referendum (date to be determined/advised by SDNPA in consultation with EHDC)

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The East Meon Neighbourhood Plan.


The Localism Act, which received Royal Assent on November 15 2011, introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare Neighbourhood Plans. This is a community-led framework for guiding future development and growth of an area. All Neighbourhood Plans must meet basic conditions and be aligned with the strategic objectives and policies of the South Downs National Park ‘local plan’ and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Note: For the Neighbourhood Plan to be approved it has to be robustly evidence based, credible and consistent and then must be passed by a majority vote at a parish referendum.


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The historic parish of East Meon is located six miles to the west of Petersfield, Hampshire. It lies in a wide valley, bounded on its southern and eastern sides by the South Downs. The River Meon rises from a source to the south of the village and then flows through the village centre.

East Meon was an important Minster and Hundred in Saxon times. Both before and after the Norman Conquest it was a Manor of the Bishops of Winchester, who built the magnificent parish church of All Saints and the mediaeval manor house, The Court House. The village contains a number of ancient hall houses. It was chosen to be the ‘Domesday Village’ in 1986. For information on the history of East Meon click here.

All Saints East Meon
All Saints Church, East Meon


The Cross, East Meon
The Cross, East Meon



East Meon Village