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Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – update

Following the 6 week parish consultation period the task of the NDP volunteer teams has been to consider the many responses from residents, official statutory bodies and prospective developers. That’s been a lengthy and sometimes complex process (also during a holiday period) which has to be approached objectively with reference to planning policies/plans and the National Planning Policy Framework in addition to other factors. Therefore it’s not something to be hurried, but rather with measured steps to get it right.

The teams also requested and recently received a draft ‘settlement context study’ of the South Downs National Park’s (SDNP) yet to be published landscape study covering East Meon – that is also an important part of the deliberations.

There’s also been some good feedback regarding the protection of our valued ‘green spaces’ within the village. Although owned by the parish they are not currently protected – so to achieve a protected status they each have to be designated and shown as being demonstrably special to the community (i.e. a clear purpose).

So the current goal is to submit our NDP to the SDNP for their further 6 week consultation, and this looks like being late September/early October. All statutory bodies, developers and residents have a further opportunity to also respond to the SDNP consultation..

At the same time all responses from the recent parish consultation will be available on the parish website www.eastmeon.org.uk.  This will show replies to responses and also any required changes to the draft NDP.

Available for your consultation from 14th May for 6 weeks until 25th June 2016


Since it’s inception in 2013 parish residents have consistently renewed a strong mandate for the development of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). This draft plan is the outcome and wherever possible it has also been guided by the feedback expressed by residents from consultations during this period.

The plan’s focus is confined to housing, landscape protection and building design. It also has to follow a specific NDP process, comply with numerous public bodies/policies, and be consistent with the emerging South Downs Local Plan.

Information on site availability and selection criteria, drainage and sewage provision, parking provision (where applicable) and protection of green spaces is within the draft document – as are proposed site specific, landscape and building design policies which are pre-conditions to any development.

If accepted all these policies would run alongside and within those of the South Downs Local Plan.

The Draft Plan is also supported by a comprehensive Evidence Base and referring to this will provide you with greater insight as to the processes and outcomes. CLICK HERE to start and view the Pre-submission Draft Development Plan.

Click here to view a map with all the EMNDP sites

The period for consultation has now passed and no further comments can be made at this stage.

All the Policies within the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan run alongside the SDNP Policies contained in the emerging South Downs National Park Local Plan together with the Policies contained in The East Hampshire Joint Core Strategy and the saved policies of the East Hants Local Plan ( links to all of these are given in the Evidence Base.)

This is your opportunity to read the Pre-submission Draft Consultation Document and submit any comments.

For those people without internet access, the  Draft Document can be viewed and  comment forms available, at the Village Hall9.00 am -12 noon on Saturday, 14th May  and Saturday 4th June,2016.  There will not be a presentation – this is simply an opportunity for those without access to the internet to view the Draft Document and provide their feedback.

(Members of the Working and Leadership Groups will be in attendance) 

All comments will be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering and Leadership Groups and at the end of this consultation period any necessary amendments to the Draft Document will be made. It will then be submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority for further consultation and feedback. Thereafter the plan moves forward through more conformity checks and independent examination.

East Meon residents will have the final say by referendum later this year/early 2017.


Current Milestones

  • 14th May – 25th June 2016
  • Pre-submission Draft Parish consultation
  • July 2016 Submission Draft issued to South Downs
  • National Park for legal and compliance check                         
  • August & September 2016
  • SDNP consults on Submission Draft
  • September & October 2016
  • External Examiner prepares Examination Report                                  
  • Winter 2016
  • SDNP issues decision statement and approval by SDNP Planning Committee                                                              
  • Late 2016/early 2017
  • Residents’ Referendum


To browse the Neighbourhood Plan pages on this website, please click on the picture above.

The East Meon Neighbourhood Plan.

As of January 2016 the drafting process is currently well advanced and we shall be posting details about how you can read and give feedback on the Consultation Draft version of the Plan in the coming months.  We shall also be updating all our East Meon website subscribers on a regular basis. Please visit this website again soon for updates and notices.



The Localism Act, which received Royal Assent on November 15 2011, introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare Neighbourhood Plans. This is a community-led framework for guiding future development and growth of an area. All Neighbourhood Plans must meet basic conditions and be aligned with the strategic objectives and policies of the South Downs National Park ‘local plan’ and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Note: For the Neighbourhood Plan to be approved it has to be robustly evidence based, credible and consistent and then must be passed by a majority vote at a parish referendum.


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The historic parish of East Meon is located six miles to the west of Petersfield, Hampshire. It lies in a wide valley, bounded on its southern and eastern sides by the South Downs. The River Meon rises from a source to the south of the village and then flows through the village centre.

East Meon was an important Minster and Hundred in Saxon times. Both before and after the Norman Conquest it was a Manor of the Bishops of Winchester, who built the magnificent parish church of All Saints and the mediaeval manor house, The Court House. The village contains a number of ancient hall houses. It was chosen to be the ‘Domesday Village’ in 1986. For information on the history of East Meon click here.

All Saints East Meon
All Saints Church, East Meon


The Cross, East Meon
The Cross, East Meon



East Meon Village